The Isolation Traverse explores stunning terrain between the Cascade River Road and the North Cascades Highway. The traverse involves 15,000 feet of skiing over 20 miles of remote and rugged backcountry. Much of the route is glaciated, and there are several technical sections that require a rappel. Along the way, we’ll summit and ski Eldorado Peak, Isolation Peak, and Snowfield Peak.

Backcountry ski traverses are logistically challenging. Baker Mountain Guides has completed many traverses throughout the North Cascades. Our experienced ski guides, operational flexibility, and local knowledge create the best chance for success on the Isolation Traverse.


Baker Mountain Guides offers the Isolation Traverse as
a custom program. We recommend a four day itinerary.

  • Day 1: Cascade River to Eldorado Peak

    Welcome to the North Cascades. We’ll cross the Cascade River at 2100 feet and ascend 5600 feet to our first camp on the Inspiration Glacier. Our investment on the first day will yield great rewards for the rest of our adventure.

  • Day 2: Eldorado Peak and Backbone Ridge

    The day begins with an early morning ski descent from the summit of Eldorado Peak. We’ll traverse the McAllister Glacier and rappel to the Backbone Ridge. 4000 feet of fall line skiing will lead to a comfortable camp below tree line.

  • Day 3: Isolation and Snowfield Peaks

    We’ll trade skis for crampons and climb to the summit of Isolation Peak. Another short rappel into a couloir makes for an exciting ski descent. We’ll continue north to our last camp on the edge of the Neve’ Glacier.

  • Day 4: Snowfield Peak to the Car

    After packing up camp for the last time, we’ll ski the Neve’ and Colonial Glaciers. A short hop over the East Ridge of Pyramid Peak will take us down to Pyramid Lake, where we’ll pick up the trail to our car.

Each Adventure is Unique.

Featherweight Guarantee

Let’s face it: climbing and skiing are more fun without a massive pack. That’s why we strive to offer the lightest pack weight of any guide service. We plan meticulously, use quality equipment, and always share the load.

Program Information

  • Season
  • April – May

  • Duration
  • 4 or 5 Days

  • 3 Client to 1 Guide


  • Equipment

  • Schedule
  • 2020 Season


    Custom Dates Available


  • Cost
  • Custom Rates


    Cost Includes

    • Tents
    • Stoves
    • Fuel
    • Breakfasts and Dinners