North Cascades National Park is a never-ending backcountry skier’s paradise. It would take lifetimes to explore the stunning and remote terrain between the Canadian border and Cascades Pass. Every winter, heavy snowfall buries the jagged mountains, and feeds an immense network of massive glaciers. The backcountry skiing and riding potential is simply hard to fathom.

Baker Mountain Guides believes that the best backcountry adventures are those that feel like you’re the first to experience. Join us on an untracked journey into the North Cascades and discover your own slice of paradise.


Baker Mountain Guides offers custom North Cascades Backcountry Skiing programs. Contact us for ideas and inspiration.

  • Single Day Programs

    North Cascades Backcountry Skiing day trips take advantage of terrain easily accessed from the Mount Baker and North Cascades highways. These are rewarding full day adventures that require an early start and late return.

  • Multi-Day Programs

    Much of the park is extremely remote and requires multiple days to access. To explore these areas, Baker Mountain Guides offers customized summit descents, base camps, and ski traverses.

Each Adventure is Unique

Featherweight Guarantee

Let’s face it: climbing and skiing are more fun without a massive pack. That’s why we strive to offer the lightest pack weight of any guide service. We plan meticulously, use quality equipment, and always share the load.

Program Information