Often overlooked, the Twin Sisters Range sits in plain sight between Mount Baker and the Pacific Ocean. The jagged summits of the North and South Twin Sisters stand like sentinels over an alpine rock climbing paradise. Blood orange rock born deep within the earth’s mantle creates an otherworldly landscape, and infrequent use gives the range a wild and remote character. Up every valley there are soaring summits and spires for adventurers of all abilities.

Baker Mountain Guides offers vehicular access to alpine rock climbing adventures in the Twin Sisters. Our relationship with local land managers allows us to drive right to the base of the best routes in the range.


Baker Mountain Guides offers single and multi-day alpine rock climbing adventures in the Twin Sisters.

  • Single Day Programs

    We’ll rendezvous at Backcountry Essential in Bellingham. Transportation will be provided to the trailhead. The West Ridge routes on either North Twin Sister or South Twin Sister offer exceptional alpine rock climbing at moderate grades. We’ll return to Bellingham by late afternoon.

  • Multi Day Programs

    Multi day trips allow us to tap into some of the phenomenal alpine rock climbing deeper in the Twin Sisters. Bag both the North and South Twin Sisters over two days, explore more technical routes in the remote Green Creek Spires, or traverse the entire range.

Each Adventure is Unique

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