Baker Mountain Guides ski mountaineering operations course is designed for military units wanting to prepare their teams for travel on skis in glaciated terrain. Our curriculum is optimized to accommodate the needs of larger teams operating within the context of mountain warfare, and includes an introduction to ski touring, ropework fundamentals, rigging, and crevasse rescue.

Baker Mountain Guides has extensive experience working with members of the armed forces, specifically combat controllers, pararescue jumpers, and rangers. Our experience ensures the success of your training, from funding through completion.


Baker Mountain Guides offers custom, 4-day Ski
Mountaineering Operations programs to military units. 

  • Day 1: Intro to Backcountry Touring

    The day will begin with an overview of backcountry touring equipment. Instructors will introduce topics such as skinning, track setting, kick turns, transitions, travel techniques, and group management. Students will take the lead and apply their new skills.

  • Day 2: Technical Fundamentals

    We’ll rendezvous at Heather Meadows and use the Artist Point zone for technical fundamentals. Instructors will discuss gear selection and care, and introduce knots, hitches, and coils for ski mountaineering. We’ll finish with climbing, belaying, and rappel techniques.

  • Day 3: Glacier Travel

    Instructors will introduce snow climbing techniques such as cramponing and ice axe arrest. Students will learn how to rig a rope team for glacier travel. We’ll practice rope travel skills on an ascent to Artist Point. The day will finish with snow anchors.

  • Day 4: Crevasse Rescue

    We’ll find a suitable cornice or cliff that mimics a crevasse. Instructors will introduce and demonstrate the concepts of mechanical advantage and haul systems. Students will team up and practice all aspects of crevasse rescue, as both rescuers and victims.

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