Baker Mountain Guides Ski Mountaineering Pro Course is designed to equip competent backcountry skiers and snowboarders with the technical skills and experience necessary to explore big mountains in complex, glaciated terrain. The Ski Mountaineering Pro Course combines technical and leadership elements of both steep ski mountaineering and glaciated ski mountaineering.

Baker Mountain Guides backcountry pro courses fuse avalanche education with big mountain experience to create a complete apprenticeship in backcountry skiing and riding. Mount Baker and the beautiful North Cascades serve as both our classroom and our inspiration.


Baker Mountain Guides offers a 6-Day Ski Mountaineering Pro
Course curriculum, organized into 3 comprehensive sections.

  • Pre-Req: AIARE Level 1 Avalanche Course – 3 Days

    A solid understanding of the avalanche phenomenon, decision making, and risk management is integral to backcountry skiing and riding. The Ski Mountaineering Pro Course requires that students can incorporate the current avalanche hazard into their tour plans and terrain choices.

  • Section 1: Technical Skills - 2 Days

    Students and instructors will spend the first 2 days ski touring in the Mt. Baker Ski Area backcountry and learning technical skills necessary for future course objectives. Topics will include backcountry touring skills, ropework, glacier travel, ski anchors, and crevasse rescue.

  • Section 2: Steep Ski Mountaineering - 2 Days

    Students and instructors will use snowmobiles to access the Twin Sisters Range for 2 separate days of skiing, riding, & training in steep terrain. Topics will include movement skills, steep snow climbing, and ski lowers/rappels. Students will lead steep descents that require ropework.

  • Section 3: Glaciated Ski Mountaineering - 2 Days

    The course will conclude with a summit and ski descent of Mount Baker. Students and instructors will snowmobile 9 miles into the trailhead, approach, and set up camp. On the last day, students will lead up and down the mountain with instructor mentorship and feedback.

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Featherweight Guarantee

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Program Information

  • Season
  • February - April

  • Duration
  • 6 Days

  • Pre-Reqs
  • AIARE Level 1 Avalanche Course


    Backcountry Touring Experience

  • Locations
  • Mt. Baker Ski Area Backcountry


    Twin Sisters Range


    Mount Baker Proper

  • Max Ratio
  • 3 Students to 1 Instructor

  • Equipment

  • Schedule
  • 2021 Season

    • February 27 - March 4
    • March 20 - 25 (FULL)


    AIARE Level 1 Course Dates

  • Cost
  • $1500 / Person


    Cost Includes

    • Snowmobile Shuttle x 3
    • Tents
    • Stoves
    • Fuel
    • Field Breakfasts & Dinners


    AIARE Level 1 Not Included