Baker Mountain Guides Steep Ski Mountaineering Course is designed to equip competent backcountry skiers and snowboarders with ropework and movement techniques for skiing and riding the steeps. The Twin Sisters Range provides an ideal classroom for rope skills such as pitched climbing and ski/board rappels, as well as application in steep ski mountaineering terrain.

Baker Mountain Guides backcountry tech courses are designed for those seeking a concise and affordable approach to learning technical backcountry skiing and riding skills. From introductory skinning techniques to rappelling into couloirs, our tech series has you covered.


Baker Mountain Guides offers scheduled 3-day Steep Ski
Mountaineering Courses. Custom dates available upon request.

  • Day 1: Ropework & Backcountry Touring

    Students and instructors will begin the course with ropework fundamentals in the Mt. Baker Ski Area backcountry. Topics will include gear, knots, hitches, coils, and ski anchors. The day will finish with a backcountry tour in steep terrain and related efficiency techniques.

  • Day 2: Steep Technical Skills

    Students and instructors will use snowmobiles to access steep instructional terrain in the Twin Sisters Range. Topics will include pitched snow climbing, belayed skiing and riding, and ski/board lowers and rappels. If time allows, we’ll preview the terrain and make some turns.

  • Day 3: Steep Skiing & Riding

    The Twin Sisters Range is an incredible ski mountaineering venue that offers a variety of couloirs, chutes, and headwalls ranging from moderate to aggressive. Instructors will select the most appropriate objectives for the conditions and mentor students in the application of their new skills.

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Program Information

  • Season
  • March - May

  • Duration
  • 3 Days

  • Locations
  • Mt. Baker Ski Area Backcountry


    Twin Sisters Range

  • Max Ratio
  • 3 Students to 1 Instructor

  • Equipment

  • Schedule
  • 2024 Season

    • March 15 - 17
    • April 12 - 14
    • May 3 - 5

  • Cost
  • $1000 / Person


    Cost Includes

    • Snowmobile Shuttle x 2