Baker Mountain Guides
Brand Reborn

Baker Mountain Guides is proud to present the re-birth of our brand. The last twelve months has been a period of intense self-reflection and growth, with the goal of re-defining who we are, what we do, and how we can better serve our clientele. We welcome you to experience the new Baker Mountain Guides, and to join us on your own journey of self-discovery.

The Branding Process

What is a brand? Brands are more than just logos, colors, and slogans. Brands are perceptions that live in the mind. At Baker Mountain Guides, we wanted to change some of those perceptions to better reflect our unique approach to guiding.

We began by asking some difficult questions regarding who Baker Mountain Guides is as an organization. This was an introspective and sometimes esoteric process that required us to be very honest with ourselves. To help answer some of these questions, we sought feedback from our existing clientele. The responses we received gave us deep insight into the types of people that are drawn to Baker Mountain Guides, and what they value most about the experiences that we offer.

This research allowed us to craft a brand strategy, or a focused definition for who the Baker Mountain Guides brand is, what it believes, and how it engages with the world. This phase of the process involved articulating our purpose, vision, mission, archetype and other fundamental aspects of our organization. Sometimes answering simple questions, such as “what exactly do we sell” proved challenging. Along the way, we discovered that our big idea is to help our clientele explore their world. Our big idea involves more than just physical exploration, and is meant to be interpreted differently by everybody. Ultimately, “Explore Your World” became our slogan.

The final phases of our re-brand involved creating and expressing our new identity. This part of the process included traditional elements of a brand such as our logo, colors, and typography. Our identity is founded in all of the elements of our brand strategy, and represents the personality of Baker Mountain Guides. Our new logo is rugged, yet approachable, and pays homage to the original logo with which we began our business. Finally, our website embodies all of the elements of the new brand in a modern online experience.

Brand Compass

One of the major outcomes of the branding process was the creation of our brand compass. Baker Mountain Guides Brand Compass is a collection of unique attributes that keep us focused and pointed in the right direction. It includes our purpose, vision, and mission statement.


To make adventure possible

Baker Mountain Guides purpose is the reason we exist beyond making a profit. It’s the answer to our most profound question: why? Our purpose is two-fold. First, we wish to facilitate mountain adventures for individuals who are unable to create such experiences for themselves. Second, we wish to connect people to place, and inspire thoughtful environmental stewardship. Without place, mountain adventure would not be possible.


A world where inspiring mountain adventure can be safely experienced by everyone

Baker Mountain Guides vision statement describes the desired end-state toward which our brand is headed. It’s the ideal world we hope to bring about, and it’s meant to be audacious. Obviously, not every person will be able to safely experience an inspiring mountain adventure, but we believe the world would be a better place if they could.


To create meaningful life experiences for those we serve through guided mountain adventures and courses centered on safety and environmental stewardship

Baker Mountain Guides mission statement is our brand’s roadmap. It charts the route to our vision by describing what we’re going to do, how we’re going to do it, whom we’re doing it for, and the values that motivate our actions. Our mission statement builds upon our purpose and vision by specifically speaking to the need for “meaningful life experiences.”

Thanks for taking the time to partake in the story of our re-brand. Please visit our About page to learn more about Baker Mountain Guides. We encourage anyone who is considering our services to review our core values as well as our dedicated guide staff.

We would also like to give a big thanks to Ignyte Branding Agency out of San Diego, California for all the excellent work they performed in guiding us through the branding process. Even guides need guides every now and then.