Snowmobile Assisted Backcountry Skiing

The Mount Baker backcountry is massive, and skins can only take us so far. The terrain beyond our human-powered limits is endless. Snowmobile assisted backcountry skiing allows us to escape the crowds and access the untracked experience of the deepcountry. Imagine world-record snowfall paired with giant glaciers, steep chutes, perfect glades, and pillow lines. Now imagine having it all to yourself.

Baker Mountain Guides uses snowmobiles to access backcountry skiing and snowboarding zones guarded by miles of snowbound logging roads. True to our roots, we park the sleds at the trailheads and earn our turns.

Japan Backcountry Skiing

Japan is famous for its legendary powder skiing. The polar jet stream descends off Siberia, soaks up moisture from the Sea of Japan, and unloads mass amounts of cold, low-density snow over the island of Hokkaido. Forests of twisted birch trees blanket a volcanic landscape formed by fire and shaped by water. Backcountry skiing and riding in Japan is as unique as Japanese culture.

Baker Mountain Guides Japan Backcountry Skiing program combines world-class powder with luxury accommodations, catered Japanese cuisine, and traditional onsen culture. Our focus on backcountry touring allows us to escape the crowds and deliver the ultimate untracked experience.

Spearhead Traverse

The Spearhead Traverse is a Canadian ultra-classic that connects the ski areas of Whistler and Blackcomb. Easy access to moderate, glaciated terrain makes the Spearhead Traverse a must-do for aspiring ski and snowboard mountaineers. The route follows the height of land around the headwaters of Fitzsimmons Creek, and crosses 13 glaciers over 22 scenic miles of rugged backcountry.

British Columbia is the promised land of backcountry skiing and snowboarding. Baker Mountain Guides’ proximity to Canada has allowed us to build operational familiarity with some of the best terrain in the great white north. Let us show you our Canadian powder cache.

North Cascades Backcountry Skiing

North Cascades National Park is a never-ending backcountry skier’s paradise. It would take lifetimes to explore the stunning and remote terrain between the Canadian border and Cascades Pass. Every winter, heavy snowfall buries the jagged mountains, and feeds an immense network of massive glaciers. The backcountry skiing and riding potential is simply hard to fathom.

Baker Mountain Guides believes that the best backcountry adventures are those that feel like you’re the first to experience. Join us on an untracked journey into the North Cascades and discover your own slice of paradise.

Nooksack Traverse

The Nooksack Traverse is characterized by stunning scenery and fall line skiing. Mount Shuksan is the centerpiece of the traverse, and if conditions allow, we will attempt to ski the summit pyramid. The route carefully and quickly traverses the breathtaking Nooksack Cirque, and concludes with quality ski descents of the Spillway Glacier on Icy Peak, and the North Face of Ruth Mountain.

Backcountry ski traverses are logistically challenging. Baker Mountain Guides has completed many traverses throughout the North Cascades. Our experienced ski guides, operational flexibility, and local knowledge create the best chance for success on the Nooksack Traverse.

Mount Baker Ski Descents

Mount Baker was designed with skiers and snowboarders in mind. Rising 7000 feet above the surrounding landscape, Mount Baker offers over a vertical mile of skiing and riding. Massive winter storms bury the mountain each season, transforming the glaciers into smooth, endless runs. Headwalls, icefalls, and crevasses complete an iconic ski and snowboard mountaineering experience.

Baker Mountain Guides operates Mount Baker Ski Descents January through June. During the winter, we access the mountain with snowmobiles and reap powdery rewards on cold, clear days. The spring corn season begins in late April and often lasts well into the summer.

Isolation Traverse

The Isolation Traverse explores stunning terrain between the Cascade River Road and the North Cascades Highway. The traverse involves 15,000 feet of skiing over 20 miles of remote and rugged backcountry. Much of the route is glaciated, and there are several technical sections that require a rappel. Along the way, we’ll summit and ski Eldorado Peak, Isolation Peak, and Snowfield Peak.

Backcountry ski traverses are logistically challenging. Baker Mountain Guides has completed many traverses throughout the North Cascades. Our experienced ski guides, operational flexibility, and local knowledge create the best chance for success on the Isolation Traverse.

Mount Baker Backcountry Skiing

This is backcountry skiing and snowboarding you’ve only ever dreamed of. The Mount Baker Backcountry receives the most snow of anywhere in the world. This isn’t hype, this is a hard, documented fact. Fierce Pacific storms collide with the unique topography of the Mount Baker Backcountry, creating a meteorological monster. The resulting snowfalls are immense.

What does all this mean? Well, your chances of having the greatest ski day of your life just got a lot better. Like any guide service, we can’t guarantee incredible snow and fantastic conditions, but with Baker Mountain Guides, the odds are in your favor.